Helen McCrory

“We are devastated to hear of the passing of the extraordinarily talented and gracious Helen McCrory. We were honoured to have worked with her on Skyfall and send our heartfelt condolences to Damian, Manon and Gulliver.” Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. 

The Perth Mint James Bond 25 Coin Collection

The Perth Mint gives us a first look at its latest celebration of James Bond. The limited edition series features twenty-five coins embossed with iconic poster art, one for each film. From April 2021 to March 2022, The Perth Mint will issue two new coins per month in film release order, from Dr. No to No Time To Die. The coins are made from 1/2oz 99.99% silver in a maximum mintage of 12,700.

The first two coins, marking Dr. No and From Russia With Love, are now available to order at 007Store. The Dr. No coin features illustrations by Mitchell Hooks, well-known at the time as a paperback book cover artist, in the colouring as seen on the USA poster. The From Russia With Love coin draws on the UK poster by Renato Fratini. Bond’s pose was a composite of two photos and has become one of his iconic stances, repeated by subsequent 007s.

As the official mint of Australia, The Perth Mint is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia and makes platinum, silver and gold coins for collectors and customers worldwide. To create the James Bond 25 Coin Collection, the mint’s design team have reimagined elements of the original movie posters to work within a 32mm diameter. The blank coins are made from huge rolls of pure silver and each is then struck three times to create the design before being transferred to the printing area where the colour is applied.

Bond collectors can take advantage of the 007Store Coin Collectors Subscription Service. The unique service gives a special reduced price, presentation folders, and first access to a special release gold Bond coin.

The Dr. No and From Russia With Love coins, as well as the Bond Coin Collectors Subscription Service, are all available now.

Classic Bond Cars On Top Gear

The UK’s number one motoring TV programme, Top Gear, is to feature a selection of classic James Bond vehicles this Sunday on BBC One. The Top Gear Guide To Buying A Bond Car On Any Budget (Including A Really Quite Enormous Budget) will feature the Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me, Toyota 2000 GT from You Only Live Twice and the Alfa GTV6 from Octopussy among many others. 

Top Gear presenter Chris Harris said, “I’m a total Bond obsessive. I love the cars and I watch the films religiously with my kids because they’re one of the ultimate viewing experiences. So, to get access to the back catalogue of Bond cars was amazing and I love the fact that we feature some of the cars you’d forgotten about.”

Catch Top Gear on Sunday, BBC One at 8pm and on BBC iPlayer.

James Bond And Catherine Tate Comic Relief Sketch

James Bond and Catherine Tate’s Nan are appearing together in a special sketch for Comic Relief’s big night of TV in the UK. In the sketch, Britain’s best loved OAP Nan has spurned retirement and taken up a part time job as a cleaner. Whilst cleaning the office of the head of the Secret Intelligence Service, aka M, she finds herself face to face with 007 as he suddenly appears on screen for his security briefing. 

Catherine Tate says: “Nan had a right old time meeting Bond. What a smashing fella! As ever, it was great fun filming this Comic Relief sketch, huge thanks to Daniel and all the Bond team for being such great sports. I hope it raises lots of money on the night.” 

The special sketch is part of a three-hour comedy special to be broadcast on BBC One on Friday from 7pm. The money raised by Red Nose Day will support people in the UK and around the world, and help tackle hunger, homelessness, domestic abuse and mental health stigma. For more information and to donate go to: bbc.co.uk/rednoseday

Yaphet Kotto Has Passed Away

We are very sorry to learn that Yaphet Kotto, who played Dr. Kananga in Live And Let Die, has passed away at the age of 81. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.


For Your Eyes Only Blofeld Drop

For Your Eyes Only’s pre-title sequence sees Bond (Roger Moore) attempting to control a remotely-hijacked helicopter. Filming took place at Beckton gas works in East London while it was in the process of being demolished. To film the helicopter flying through the warehouse, the chopper was attached to rails and pulled along a track.

William P. Cartlidge (1942-2021)

“We are very sad to learn of the death of William P. Cartlidge at the age of 78 (pictured right with Ken Adam and Lewis Gilbert). Bill worked on three James Bond films all directed by Lewis Gilbert. He was First Assistant Director for Lewis on You Only Live Twice. A few years later, became Associate Producer on two additional Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. He and Lewis formed a directing and producing team that spanned 30 years. Bill had a wicked sense of humour which made him a brilliant raconteur. After 40 years as a producer, he retired with his wife to the Portsmouth area where the two become avid sailors. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.” Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.


Writing Casino Royale’s Theme Song

The composer who scored five Bond films on writing the theme song and score for Daniel Craig’s first outing as 007.

I got the script for Casino Royale before anyone was cast as James Bond, so for the first time reading it, I was seeing the character without envisaging a face. It was just my own imagination, which was fascinating as that hadn’t happened before, maybe on Dr. No before they cast Sean, but for me I was seeing a Bond script which is in production, without the face of the actor playing James Bond in my mind. Then the casting process began. Director Martin Campbell did four screen tests: I think they did two or three scenes – a talking one, an action-y one and a romantic scene – and I got sent the footage to put music to them. Daniel had this sort of cold brutal streak but also a Connery panther-esque way about him. He just was James Bond. So then we knew it was going to be Daniel, but it raised the question: where do you start with the score? We can’t have the Bond theme because he’s not James Bond yet. That was a big thing to remove the James Bond theme from the James Bond film, but I thought, ‘How about we sort of sow the seeds of it as we go through’ so whenever he does something which we know becomes an iconic thing for 007 to do, like the first time he rides in the Aston Martin DB5, first time he flies to an exotic location, the first time he puts on a tuxedo, we drop little bits of the Bond theme like he’s earning it.

Once that was established we needed to turn to the title song. Even if I don’t know who’s going to be singing it, or if I’m going to be writing it, I like to do my take on it. I started thinking about the character, that he’s this blunt instrument and not very sophisticated. He makes rookie mistakes, he’s learning all the time but we also see him doing things that maybe Bond shouldn’t do, like being too careless and risky. I thought ‘Well, what voice is that?’. Who’s our contemporary, powerful, alpha male singer? We were spoilt for choice with gentle, poetic singer-songwriter types, but in terms of someone who could be brutal and hard and yet also be able to turn on a sixpence and be open, emotional and honest? Chris Cornell was suggested to me which was such a left field call but then when you start listening to Chris Cornell it’s obvious. He is the sound of James Bond running through the wall at the beginning of the film but he’s also the guy who’s cleaning the blood from Vesper’s fingers in the shower. It was a no brainer. Chris and I both flew out to Prague where they were filming and we sat on the set watching some scenes in the editing room and we saw them shooting the casino scenes. We actually had a game of cards in the corridor with Mads Mikkelsen while they were setting up the next shot. And we talked about all these things that I wanted for the song. I had the title ‘You Know My Name’ in my head. And I got that from when he says his iconic line, ‘The name’s Bond. James Bond.’ There’s a formality to that which I really like but I also enjoyed the way that Daniel’s Bond in this film is arrogant and he’s angry and I wanted the song to be a warning from Bond – I don’t think there had been a Bond song from Bond’s perspective before. 007 could be singing this and it’s a warning to his enemies to get out of his way. I love the energy of that. We spent the next week just knocking ideas about. I went to Chris’s apartment and I’d play him what I’d written and he’d play me what he’d written. And the two things just sat next to each other perfectly like they were the same song. We had kind of written half of the same song independently of each other and they slotted together. He had a rough draft of the lyrics which I loved and we just tweaked them over the next day. Then I went back and demoed the song as it was and sent it off to the producers and we got the thumbs up. This theme song and score was important because of the change of character, it had to be the start of something completely different and I think we did that.



The Valentine’s James Bond Quiz

Discover Bond’s romantic side with our special edition Valentine’s 007 Quiz. Featuring a range of themed rounds, you just need to download the questions here. Oh, and don’t forget the martinis.



The History Of Corgi And 007

“The DB5 is part of my boyhood, and it’s part of my generations’ boyhood. I had the toy with the ejector seat and lost the little man that flew out and spent the rest of my childhood looking for him behind various sofas,” said Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes about his Corgi Aston Martin. And he wasn’t alone. The diecast toy Aston Martin DB5, first released in 1964 for Thunderball, was an instant hit, earning the title UK Toy of the Year. It sold 3.9 million by 1968 and a partnership between model maker Corgi and the Bond films was born.

The Corgi brand, named after the Welsh dog, was introduced by the Mettoy Company in 1956. The first launch of toy saloon cars included the Ford Consul and Austin Cambridge, but it was James Bond’s DB5, with its ejector seat and front-mounted machine guns, that put Corgi on the map. The original 1964 release was in gold rather than the iconic silver birch, a decision made after Corgi felt the early prototypes looked unpainted. The collaboration has continued for every Bond film since, with Corgi replicating iconic vehicles including Moonraker’s Space Shuttle, For Your Eyes Only‘s Citroen 2CV, and The Spy Who Loved Me’s Lotus Esprit. These highly sought-after collectibles are being played with, or stored carefully in their original boxes, by children and collectors around the world.

No Time To Die will be no exception, with Corgi launching die-cast models of the Aston Martin V8, the Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond rides through the streets of Matera, and of course the Aston Martin DB5, updated with its Italian number plate and extensive bullet damage. Collectors will be pleased to hear that Corgi are also releasing a 2021 edition of the golden ejector seat DB5, alongside a few other favourites from the back catalogue.

Discover the range now at 007Store.

Throwback X 007 Collaboration

Introducing an exclusive 007 collaboration with Italian streetwear label Throwback.

The six-piece capsule collection pays tribute to iconic moments from James Bond’s on-screen legacy. Italian digital artist Gianpiero has reimagined classic images from the 007 archive for the range of t-shirts and hoodies.

Founded in Naples by Pavi D’Avino, Throwback celebrates classic moments and memories from popular culture. The new Bond collaboration includes unique behind-the-scenes stills from Dr. No (1962) and Moonraker (1979), as well as images from GoldenEye (1995) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). On the back of each piece are production anecdotes, giving further insight into the 007 universe.

The six Throwback x 007 designs are available now. A second range of four new pieces will be released later in the year exclusively with Selfridges and 007Store.com.

Discover select pieces from the Throwback x 007 collection now at 007Store. ​